Looking for Pteromys volans orii

Despite the very cold morning, I entered the forest in search of Pteromys volans orii.
Pteromys volans orii is generally nocturnal. They become active after emerging from their nests in tree hollows about 30 minutes to an hour after sunset. Then, at about the same time after sunrise, they come out again to relieve themselves and return to their nests. This means there are two opportunities to see them each day (although this “schedule” does not apply during breeding season).
To find them, it is first important to locate a place with an uninterrupted grouping of trees. The next thing to do is to find their droppings and then where leaf buds and other things they were eating are scattered about.
If these can be successfully located, the only thing left is to find the hollows they use for nests in the trees. After that, it becomes a matter of waiting very quietly until the squirrels come out. Unlike the summer, the accumulating snow of winter makes it possible to go just about anywhere on snowshoes. It also makes it easier to find the squirrels’ droppings.
Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you can find their droppings in ordinary places, without even entering the forest.
Why don’t you try finding the Pteromys volans orii yourself?
After all, walking is good for your health.
Photos: Pteromys volans orii and their droppings Dec. 19