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Momijidani Valley: Sounkyo Gorge’s popular walking area

The walking course

The walking course follows a mountain stream. It has a one-way length of roughly 700 meters and takes about one hour to do a return walk. Although it requires some climbing and descending, it can be walked by people of all skill levels. It is a hidden sightseeing spot that can be enjoyed in all seasons of the year. It is also a great place to view the autumn leaves. A popular feature is Momijidani Falls, which visitors reach at the end of the course after getting some up-close views of Sounkyo Gorge’s usual “columnar jointing.” It is also an exceptionally good place to view the plants and animals of the forest.

Entrance sign 1
Entrance sign 2
Entrance sign 3
Walking course
Occasionally a Vulpes vulpes schrencki appears.
A feeding tree for Dryocopus martius martius
Columnar jointing is plainly seen.
Momijidani Fall at the end of the trail
Fall foliage season 1
Fall foliage season 2
Fall foliage season 3
Fall foliage season 4
Fall foliage season 5
Fall foliage season 6
Cervus nippon yesoensis mother and fawn
Frost flowers
Shaped ice: spray icicles
A snowshoe walk in winter


The course’s entrance is about 10 minutes on foot from the Sounkyo hot spring village. A sign pointing the direction can be seen after walking up the slope from the Kurodake Ropeway station toward Hotel Taisetsu and Sounkyo Prince Hotel Choyotei and then crossing Tsukumo Bridge.


During the summer months, light hiking gear is all that is required. However, at the very least, athletic shoes should be worn. (Wearing light hiking boots is recommended if you have them.) During the winter months, the course is completely covered with snow. Accordingly, snowshoes are required. Because the route can be difficult to follow, it is best to join a tour or be accompanied by a guide.

Important points

  • Do not leave the course. (Stay within the roped area.)
  • The area is a habitat for Ursus arctos yesonesis. Use bells or other noisemakers to alert bears of your presence.
  • Do not use the course during bad weather, when road surfaces are frozen, or when the danger of avalanche exists.
  • Take all trash back with you. Do not pick plants or flowers.
  • The course’s parking lot has space for only 4 or 5 vehicles, so it is best to walk to the entrance. Please note that large and medium
  • size vehicles may not park in the lot.
  • Do not park on the shoulders, as the road is used by nearby hotels and residents.
  • Please park in Sounkyo’s parking garage.

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