Mt. Kurodake’s northeastern face

Information about Mt.Kurodake
*there is 3m snow remained around 7th station of Mt.Kurodake.
Hikers do not need to worry about falling,slipping.
There is a big rock under the snow. If you are not used to walk on the snow, you should bring crampons.
*Around 9th station “Trollius riederianus var. riederianus” and “Weigela middendorffiana”spread out to bloom.
A few days ago it rained. So “Weigela middendorffiana ” is nearly dying.
We could watch many buds, we hope blooming.
From Mt.Kurodake~Kurodake Ishimuro we can see 30 kinds of flowers.
*At Kumono taira “Phyllodoce caerulea” makes a small community.
“Geum pentapetalum” blooms here and there, but some of them is nearly dying.
We found many bud , we hope the weather will get better.
*There is much snow under the Mt.Hokuchin junction. When you climbed down, be careful please.
*when you cross “Akaishi river” , there is no bridge. If the flow is much , you have to walk in the water. You need to prepare full equipment.

When you walk, you feel really hot. But when the wind is very strong like today(about m/s) , it is very cold on the summit. Please check the weather forecaodake bring something warm to wear.

The summit of Mt.Kurodake ~Kumonotaira Wild flower is not blooming very much.
It is affected by cold weather in June.
But weather forecast says that this week the temperature is rising.
We hope the weather gets better and many flowers are blooming.
  • Weigela middendorffiana : Some of the plants are blooming, but there are still many buds.

  • Phyllodoce caerulea : Small communities are forming.