Mt. Kurodake’s northeastern face

Information about Mt.Kurodake
Snow melting is keep going, but Mt.Kurodake has much snow.
When you climb, you must be careful.
Last weekend patrol stuff removed snow from trail.
The trail condition became much better.
But there is still snow left.
Some part of trail has no snow, but you must be careful not to fall down and not to fall through under the snow. (There is big space under the snow.)
As snow is melting, blanch and bamboo grass start to stand up.
It’s very difficult to climb.
By location, trail will be “muddy ponds” or be in the water like walking in the river.

About flower blooming
On the northwest slope same type flower is blooming as last report.
We were not able to find new type of flower.
From the summit to Ishimuto hut we found 7 types of flowers blooming when the last report.
Now most of them have fallen because of low temperature.

Around Kumonotaira
Snow is left in front of Ohachidaira and under the Mt.Hokuchin junction.
Snow under the Mt.hokuchin junction is very undulating trail as usual.
Be careful to climb down.
If you want to know more, please check “Daisetuzan information”.

  • Take care to avoid slipping and falling.