Even in the flat areas…

This bird is known for living in the high mountains, but during the winter it also comes down to level ground.
Today I heard a birdsong that I don’t encounter often, a sound like “pyuru, pyuru.” Even though the source was far away, I decided to take a photo anyway. When I blew up my picture, I found that there were four female pine grosbeaks (Pinicola enucleator) in the frame.
I had ventured out early this morning to take photos of Pteromys volans orii, but even though it’s December, it rained the whole time.
I had given up and was heading back when I encountered the birds.
Even so, it’s raining in December. Looks like the weather is not going to be cooperative even in this season…
Photo: A female Pinicola enucleator Dec. 5