The blooming season is almost over on the ridgeline.

Almost all flowering has ended on the Mt. Midori ridgeline. Now is the time for enjoying a quiet walk on the mountain. Sieversia pentapetala, Phyllodoce aleutica, and other snowfield plants have begun blooming between Daiichi Hanabatake and the Eiko no Sawa rocky slope. Flowers will gradually pop open one after another where the snow has melted, allowing enjoyable viewing until around mid-August.
The snowy gorges have grown smaller, with that on the edge of Daiichi Hanabatake measuring about 90 meters and those between Daini Hanabatake and the Eiko no Sawa rocky slope measuring roughly 20 meters and 25 meters.
Flower blooming
Daiichi Hanabatake: Potentilla matsumurae, Juncus beringensis ◯, Primula cuneifolia var.
cuneifolia ◯, Sieversia pentapetala, Pedicularis chamissonis var. japonica↑
Daini Hanabatake: Primula cuneifolia var. cuneifolia, Potentilla matsumurae, Sieversia pentapetala ↑
Daini Hanabatake to Eiko no Sawa rocky slope: Sieversia pentapetala ◯, Phyllodoce aleutica ↑, Primula cuneifolia var. cuneifolia ↑
Mt. Midori rocky slope to peak: Saussurea yanagisawae, Bistorta vivipara, Artemisia arctica subsp. sachalinensis, Aconogonon ajanense ◯
Bryanthus gmelinii ↑ Spiraea betulifolia var. aemiliana, Tilingia ajanensis, Campanula chamissonis, Stellaria pterosperma, Dicentra peregrina, Potentilla miyabei, Pennellianthus frutescens ↓
Photo: Daiichi Hanabatake, Mt. Midori Jul. 24