Koizumidaira is alive with flowers!

The Dryas octopetala var. asiatica at Koizumidaira are approaching the peak of their blooming season. Although some wilting among the Lagotis yesoensis can be seen, the flower fields in strong-wind areas are vibrant, with the purple flowers of the Oxytropis japonica var. sericea mixed in with the yellow flowers of the Viola crassa subsp. crassa, Potentilla matsumurae, and Pedicularis oederi subsp. heteroglossa.
Flower blooming (Koizumidaira): Dryas octopetala var. asiatica, Viola crassa subsp. crassa, Potentilla matsumurae ◯; Pedicularis oederi subsp. heteroglossa, Arenaria arctica var. arctica ; Oxytropis japonica var. sericea, Lagotis yesoensis, Diapensia lapponica subsp. obovata ; Patrinia sibirica, Aconogonon ajanense (starting), Bupleurum ajanense (budding)
Photo: Koizumidaira Jul. 5