Fall foliage report: Mt. Kurodake

The following is a report on the fall foliage on Mt. Kurodake.
As the photos show, the entire eastern face of the mountain is brilliantly colored.
However, there are still green leaves in the area, and therefore the colors should increase even more in the coming days.
From the 7th Station toward Mt. Hokuchindake, there is a sudden transition into beautiful autumn leaves. The leaves here are turning about one week earlier than they did last year.
Additionally, the leaves around Mt. Kurodake’s 6th Station are also changing color.
The timing is about two weeks earlier than normal. In fact, the fall foliage has been arriving quite quickly these past few years.
Because the leaves are changing at a speed that I have rarely experienced before, I am finding it difficult to predict how the coloring will progress.
Although the colors are still changing, the mountain is in peak fall foliage season now. I have provided this report to urge those who are planning a trip to the mountain to set out soon. (This report is for Mt. Kurodake only.)
*For mountain information, see: http://sounkyovc.net/trails/kuro/140903kuro.pdf
Photos: The eastern face of Mt. Kurodake and views around the 9th Station Sep. 3