A cold day

The bad weather continues…
Snow, wind and low temperatures…
The low temperature this morning and the high temperature during the day were the same at -13°C.
It’s like being in a freezer.
Amid this bitter cold, the center’s course on “Momijidani Valley,” Sounkyo’s popular walking trail, is scheduled for tomorrow.
Today, I took snowshoe walk up to Momijidani Fall, partly to check out the trail.
Although the accumulated snow depth so far is on par with most years, the wind and other factors have left the valley area with less snow than usual.
At the waterfall at the end of the course, I found snowdrifts here and there that are probably also caused by the wind. In the coming days, we will be able to enjoy special winter-only natural phenomena that include beautiful “ice curtains” and “spray icing.”
Photo: The “Momijidani Fall” sign at the end of the trail Jan. 11