Mt. Kurodake continues to be a “mountain of flowers.”

I was a bit concerned about what the rain might do to the flowers…
However, while some are wilting, of course, Mt. Kurodake still retains its “mountain of flowers” look.
In particular, the flowers of the Solidago virgaurea subsp. leiocarpa, Aconitum yamazakii,
Anaphalis margaritacea subsp. margaritacea, Campanula lasiocarpa, thistles, Hypericum kamtschaticum, Peucedanum multivittatum, Filipendula camtschatica, and other plants are creating quite a spectacle along the trail.
Photos: Saussurea riederi subsp. yezoensis (left) and Solidago virgaurea subsp. leiocarpa (right) near Mt. Kurodake’s 9th Station Aug. 9