Sounkyo Gorge today

The weather was clear and sunny early this morning, but right now black clouds are overhead.
The weather is deteriorating. The forecast is predicting temperatures that could bring snow not only to the mountains but the flatlands as well.
The weather is a cause of concern, as the fall colors remain beautiful in the gorge. What’s more, strong winds are predicted for the next few days.
The photos show an area near the Sounkyo Picnic Site and Momijidani Valley, Sounkyo’s popular walking course. The colors have become even more beautiful.
The fall colors are also spreading around Sounkyo’s other popular sightseeing spot: the Ginga-no-Taki and Ryusei-no-Taki Falls.
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Photos: Sounkyo Gorge (left) and Momijidani (right) Sep. 30