Sounkyo Gorge today

The photo on the left shows Sounkyo Gorge and that on the right shows Momijidani Valley, Sounkyo’s popular walking course.
The fall foliage is still beautiful in both areas, although some withering can be seen in the upper areas of the gorge.
Today the weather has alternated between sunshine and clouds.
As would be expected, the leaves look much more attractive when there is at least some blue sky above.
Sometimes due to strong winds, there are times of the day when the leaves are not so beautiful, so it’s best to time your visit by watching the conditions.
Even though today is just a regular weekday, there are many cars parked along the national route, their occupants out taking photographs. I hope that everyone will take care to avoid accidents.
There are still rich fall colors to enjoy, but unfortunately the weather forecast is not very good. If you’re planning to visit to see the fall foliage, it may be best to do so soon.
It should be remembered that the scenery changes day by day. The colors could become even richer the following day, or they could dim. Predictions are impossible, as everything depends on the weather. However, as of today, the fall foliage is still beautiful.
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Photos: Sounkyo Gorge (left) and Momijidani (right) Oct. 1