Fall foliage report for Mt. Midori

Mt.Midoridake autumn foliage report
For the past few days in the morning and at night it has been chilly.
It makes leaves turn red and yellow from the ridge line.
In Mt.Midori after passing forest belt, hikers can see autumn foliage of “Sorbus matsumurana”
Before alpine belt there is a mass of rock slope.
From here hikers see “Tasuki no kouyou” that is like sash hanging from a mountains.
This sash part is turning red.
From the summit to ridge line “Arctous alpina var. japonica” is really beautiful autumn foliage.
It will take 2~ 3days to see peak of autumn foliage.
Hikers will see red color stripes on the mountain slope.
It is so beautiful.
At the bottom of Itagaki shindou there is 50m snow left.
The snow is very hard. When hikers walk on it , watch your step.

Hikers can use water at Hakuun hut.
There is snow near the camping site.
It will use for a week.

The hut keeper says that yesterday he observed first ice in this year.
When staying in lodge and staying camping to see autumn leaves, hikers have to bring something warm to wear.
As usual around Sep 20th Daisetuzan mountain range gets first snow.