Mt. Kurodake’s northeastern face

About Mt.Kurodake’ snow only four parts left.
Near the 7th sign pole there is 2m snow, near the 8th sign pole there are 2m, 8m, 5m.

When hikers walk down, watch your step, please.
Because snow is hard and slippery.
Sometimes hikers slip down.
Around 9th station of Mt.Kurodake many kinds of flowers bloom day by day.
As shown in picture “Weigela middendorffiana” make a community.

Around Kumonodaira
“Rhododendron aureum Georgi” , “Geum pentapetalum”,” Phyllodoce caerulea”, “Potentilla matsumurae Th. Wolf”and “Primula cuneifolia Ledeb. var. hakusanensis Makino” make community.
In the morning and evening the temperature stays low.
July 8th in the early morning it frosted.
This frost influenced flowers a little.
There are many buds.
We hope the weather will get better.
*Akaishi river ~the flow is calm, and amount of water is low. Depends on weather it may change.
*the junction of Mt.Hokuchin ~ this course has snow. When walking down, watch your step.

Hikers need a full outfit to climb mountains even in summer.