Mt. Midori course flowering report

Mt.Midori, Koizumidaira flower report
The ridge line from Mt.Midori to Koizumidaira many flowers stat blooming.
“Diapensia lapponica L. var. obovata F.Schmidt” and “Lagotis glauca Gaertn” are almost finished.
“Oxytropis japonica var. japonica” and “Pedicularis oederi var. heteroglossa”that lived in wind-blown ground start blooming.
Depends on place “” starts blooming gradually.
We feel less flowers in this time.
Hikers who take pictures walk this area.
Do not walk out of trail.
Do not step in the community of precious flowers.
Please obey the rule and have a fun to take pictures and to see flowers.

Snow report
Daiichi Hanabatake : the trail has little bit snow on the edge. Most of trail has no snow.
Daini Hanabatake : a part of the trail appeared.
Upper part of Daini Hanabatake :middle of the trail appeared.(only 80m)
Eiko no sawa Gareba: all snow