Mt. Midori snow report

Mikasa shindou
“Mikasa shindou” is one of the most difficult route in daisetuzan, this route grade is 5.
And also many brown bear walk and cross this route, so from beginning of July we always close this route to avoid an accident.
In Kougen onsen numa meguri course and Mt.Midori couse we have already found bears.
Please check .
We don’t when this course close.
We hope you understand the rule.
Since big tyhpoon came in 2016 a part of Numameguri course has been closed.
Hikers can’t walk around.
Please watch picture 1.
It is difficult to say that this slope is very steep like a ski jumping platform.
Be careful not to fall down.
Hikers needs a winter outfit ( crampons and pickel and shoes suit for snow)

Around junction of Takanegahara “Lagotis glauca Gaertn” is so beautiful.
“Pedicularis oederi var. heteroglossa” and “Anemone narcissiflora” (picture 2)

At Mt,Midoridake ridge “Diapensia lapponica L. var. obovata F.Schmidt” is now over its peak.
At Koizumi taira “Dryas octopetala var. asiatica” starts blooming.
From Daiichi kaen to eiko no gareba some part of trail are no snow.
Most of trail are under the snow.
When in foggy, please find the trail sign on the snow.

Mikasa shindou~Takanegahara~Mt.Midori course
This course is the best course to see early blooming wild flowers.
But bring full outfit and take your time to walk, please.

At Hakuun hut camping site many foxes steel hikers food.
Please keep your food by yourself, don’t leave food in tent.