There is little snow.

Yesterday it snowed much.
Sounkyo had 12cm snow.
central of Kamikawa town had 22cm snow. (according to Japan Meteorological Agency)
but this year we have less snow than usual year.
in the mountains it may snow more, but at the foot of mountains we will have
less snow than usual this winter.
From November to February the amount of snow is 596 cm, last year is 691
cm. (according to Japan Meteorological Agency)
We have 1m less than last year.
At the 7th station of Mt.Kurodake it has 310cm snow, last year was 470cm.
This year’s snow is 160cm less than last year.
We hope it will snow more.
Anyway this year is less snow.

We are worried how this year’s less snow affect summer season.