Fall foliage report for Mt. Kurodake

Mt.Kurodake autumn leaves report
Finally we feel chilly in the morning and at night.
We can see autumn leaves at the 7th station ~5th station.
This summer was very hot, so “Betula ermanii” and “ Sorbus matsumurana” were burned by heat.
Some leaves are brown and dying.
“Sorbus matsumurana” is still orange color, you can see few red leaves.
At Kamui forest road that is 7th station of Mt,Kurodake you can see Mt.ebosidake is getting red.
Weather forecast says that it will be cold from tomorrow, it will be cloudy to rainy , temperature will be 2°c on Sep 26th, wind speed will be 21m/s.(9/24 11:30 now)

*If weather forecast is right, it will snow at the mountainous area.

“Sorbus matsumurana” that is near the Manekiiwa at the 7th station of Mt.Kurodake and around Kumonotaira started to turn color.
Depends on weather we might see beautiful red color leaves.

Last year’s first snow was Sep 19th.
There was 1m deep snow.

If you go hiking in a few days, you must plan carefully.
It will be winter at mountainous area.
It is very dangerous.
*Please check weather, prepare relax and safety hiking plans.