Fall foliage report for Mt. Kurodake

Mt.Kurodake autumn leaves report
Last post was August 28th, leave’s color has little bit change.
But we think it’s almost same as last post.
“Arctous alpina var. japonica” that is around the top of Mt.Kurodake and Mt.Ponkurodake is really beautiful red.
Soon it will expand the range and become thick.

“Sorbus matsumurana” that is around north-west slope of Mt.Kurodake and Akaishi river and Kumonodaira is turning red and orange.
On the whole, it is almost green.
Comparing with last year’s post (2019.9.2), “Arctous alpina var. japonica” is same as last year, “Sorbus matsumurana” is 2~3days later.

Next week temperature will stay high.
We think Mountainous area won’t rise high temperature as bottom of mountains.
If temperature stays high as expected, it will be late to see autumn leaves.

Today weather forecast says that it is sunny.
But it was cloudy and foggy and rainy at mountainous.
Mountain weather is changeable.
If temperature stays high, green leaves might be burned by sunshine.