Fall foliage report for Mt. Kurodake

Mt.Kurodake autumn leaves report
*The northeast slope of Mt.Kurodake
Comparing with last report “Weigela middendorffiana” turned yellow lightly.
So whole Mt.Kurodake tured to autumn color.

“Sorbus matsumurana” that is near the Manekiiwa is getting dark red.
And leaves of “Sorbus matsumurana” that is side of stream under the Manekiiwa started turned red.

*The top of Mt.Kurodake ~Mt.Pon kurodake
As shown as a picture, Red leaves of “Arctous alpina var. japonica” become darker and spread.
Some leaves is really good and beautiful to see.
“Sorbus matsumurana” that is both sides of akaishi river start coloring.

“Pleuropteropyrum ajanense”,”Pennellianthus frutescens” and “Therorhodion camtschaticum” are also getting dark color.

Most of leaves are green. Some leaves are getting darker.
Glasses plants like “Geum pentapetalum”, “Salix reinii” and “Vaccinium uliginosum” are also becoming darker.

Now autumn leaves in Mt.Kurodake is same as usual years.
We posted autumn leaves report on August 27th last year.
We thought it is same.
Weather forecast says it will be cold in Mountains this weekend.
They also says that it will be hot early September.