Near Kurodake Ishimuro

After snow melts, “Geum pentapetalum ” ,“Phyllodoce caerulea” ,“Cassiope lycopodioides (Pall.) D.Don” ,“Diapensia lapponica L. var. obovata F.Schmidt” and “Potentilla matsumurae” bloomed.
But the area is decreasing.
“Arctous alpina var. japonica” starts to turn red.
Around 9th station of Mt.Kurodake “Sorbus matsumurana” lose its color.
For the past ten years this year’s leaves turn to red very fast.
Will we see autumn leaves earlier than usual year?
But it depends on climate.
We are worry about Typhoon.
But it depends on climate.
August has just started.
Last year we saw autumn leaves on August 14th.
Autumn leaves has not started year.
So this year is 10 days earlier than last year.