Syosenen Numanotaira autumn leaves report
Syosenen trail course open until Sep 30th.
This course is one-way.
Hikers cannot enter this course at Yashima junction.

“Sorbus matsumurana” is alomost over their peak.
Some leaves are falling down.
“Betula ermanii” and “Acer tschonoskii” have beautiful yellow leaves.
The slope of Mt.Nagayamadake and Mt.Toumadake is a very good view.
From rokunonuma to Touma nokkosi
“Betula ermanii” is falling its leaves now.
We miss the beautiful scenery.
When you go to Touma nokkossi in windy, you feel very cold there.
You must bring your rainwear and your jacket.
Sanjyu san magari trail is the final beautiful autum leaves view.
You will see beautiful yellow leaves of “Betula ermanii” and “Acer tschonoskii”, beautiful red leaves of “ Sorbus commixta” and “Acer ukurunduense”.