Vulpes vulpes schrencki

This fox is always saying “Give me snack”.
He was sleeping on the forest road.
I know he is sleeping on purpose.
I stopped the car, he yawned and approached me.
I ignored him, but he knew how to show himself in a cute way.
He said “give me a snack”.
I ignored again, he sat in front of my car.
But at first we gave wild animals food, wild animals want more.
So they stay on the traffic road, and make cars stop, and say “Give me a snack”.
They are so smart.
This fox has not been sick yet.
Don’t give a snack to wild animals.
We told before, snacks is too sweet for animals.
Snacks is laxative for animals.
They lose their immunity, and are bitten by ticks.
The act that human gives foods foxes makes foxes sick.

Forest road to Numanohara trail head is closed in June.
Because now is under construction.

Aizankei Sousenenn trail course will open on July 14th.
These schedules might change.
We will announce again.
Yesterday’s lightning strike caused Kurodake pair lift breakdown.
For a while they stop operation.
When they start operation, we announce you.