We feel spring in Sounkyo.
We have a good news for everyone.
“Sounkyo VR 360” begins operation on April 1st at Sounkyo visitor center.
As a pre-open, we open to public Virtual Reality system that we don’t touch any monitor.
With this system, we can see a 360 degrees view of Daisetsuzan.
(We will begins operation Virtual Reality with VR goggles soon.)

“Welcome to Daisetsuzan National Park”
That is concentrated a lot of fascinating views in Daisetsuzan into 7 minutes 50seconds.

“VR Sky Walk”
You can feel flying like a bird and see Daisetuzan and Sounkyo gorge.

“VR virtual trekking in main Daisetsuzan”
You can walk main trekking course in Daisetsuzan with guide’s talking.

“Experience Sounkyo Activity”
We introduce Activities in Sounkyo expect for summer trekking.

“The Origin of Sounkyo gorge”
We tell how Sounkyo gorge was made.

“360 degrees view at the peak & magnificent views”
You experiment 25 view points around Mt.Kurodake with 360 degrees view.
You enjoy 13 contents.

We continue to take strict measures to prevent the outbreak.
Please come and experience VR system.